Friday, March 25, 2011

African Wax Fabrics

I'm so in love with these fabrics these days, the prints are so wild and out there but at the same time so geometric and tribal. Can't put my finger on it, but I do just truly love them. So I have pulled some out of the stash and will bring them to the market days. Some are cotton sateens and others are just lovely crispy cottons. It's a little like Batik but the prints larger scale

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vintage and Antique Quilts have arrived

It is with much excitement that I share with you some of my new shipment of vintage and antique quilts from the USA. 
They are so lovely and beautiful. There is something so wonderful about the fabrics and the hand stitching. I cannot start to describe just how wonderful they are. Original feed sack quilts, some still with their labels on. Ones with the newspaper backings still intact from the 1940's, ones with Civil war era fabrics. The history and the time and love taken to make these, ones with snippets of clothes and what ever fabrics could be found during lean times. These are all in wonderful condition, many unused.
I also have many 100's of hand stitched blocks in various patterns if you wish to piece together your own quilt and plenty of fabrics you can use as well. I will photograph the fabrics later.
Trust me, I am keeping many quilts for myself, these ones are available for you to purchase at my next few markets.
I will also have credit card facilities from now on.

1930's Rayon tucked postage stamp quilt SOLD
Crazy quilt top with feedsacks and 30s and 40s fabrics SOLD
1930s quilt, thick combed cotton filling
1950s graphic quilt top
1930's graphic dishes quilt top
1940s to 1960s fabrics string quilt
1930s railroad blocks quilt
1930s stepped blocks quilt SOLD
close up of some of the fabrics in the 2 quilts above.
1930's improved 9 patch king size quilt top SOLD
1940's turkey red and white windmill quilt top

1960s trip around the world quilt top 
1950s and 60s tumbler quilt top

1920s to 1940s log cabin quilt SOLD
civil war era fabrics to 1930's railway blocks quilt top
1930s to 40s quilt top
40s to 60s quilt top, unusual patterns
1930's feed sacks and 40s fabrics quilt top, with labels and newspaper backings, dated 1949, mixed patterns and quilt blocks

1920s to 30s feedsack quilt top, broken dishes pattern - SOLD
1930s fabrics puff ball quilt