Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Arrivals

I have unpacked and sorted another nice bundle of fabrics from the USA. I have been focussing on pre-1960's fabrics lately and also on novelties and quirkier ones. I hope you like them.
1950's cotton sateen

early 1950's Pensylvania Dutch Folky cotton

Early 1950's Pensylvania Dutch Folksy Cotton

Early 1950's Novelty Cotton

1930's Cotton

Early 1950's cotton canvas

Super Rare 1950's Embossed and Metallic Printed cotton weave

1950's scribbly print cotton sateen

Early 50's cotton sateen novelty

50's kids novelty print cotton

Early 50's cotton chintz

1930's/40's cotton

1950's Modernist Waverly Glosheen Cotton Kitchen Print

1930's Feedsack

Dated1951 Everglaze Chintz

1950's Polished Cotton Novelty of Periots

1950's Novelty

Late 50's cotton Novelty

Really unusual opened full feedsack. Late 40's?

Late 40's early 50's novelty cotton

Unusual border opened full feedsack Late 40's

1950's cotton canvas/duck cloth

1950's cotton sateen

1940's cotton ditsy on that nice organic black.

Late 50's early 60's cotton Sateen

1960's Birds in Red. I also have this in Green.

1940's Feedsack cotton yardage.

50's style cotton skirt border panel. 2.5mt length.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Textile Designs

Here are some textiles I designed with A Skulk of Foxes. The cross stitch one the chairs are covered in, the geometric red ones and the folky ditsy one. They are available for sale from lots of stores around the place or on a skulk of foxes web site.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Off to the Show

Well, i'm off to the Royal Melbourne Show for Monday and Tuesday with the Yarraville Market.
We will be in the Makers Alley. Here is a link to a Map from the Show web site.
I'm looking forward getting a show bag, eating the contents then going on some sort of crazy ride that will make me feel like I will throw up! Now thats what the show is all about.

I hope there is still the Bertie Beetle one. Am I showing my age?