Sunday, September 9, 2012

Playing with Colour

I've been playing with colour schemes at the moment, grouping colour and pattern together gearing up for some new projects. Tying things back with grey and white and maybe a little accent of that nice soft vintage black. I have a few favourites from my latest trip that I want to use so working with the colours in them. The lovely red, grey and yellow 30's cotton 4th from the top and the unusual grey geometric from the 20's. So have narrowed down to a red scheme and a blue scheme. The cornflower blue geometric 3rd from the bottom from a past trip always pops into things, It's one I love to work with. That shade of blue just makes me happy.
So when I fiddle with fabric I always have music on, each colour conjures up a song....I see red by Split Enz and Blue Jean by David Bowie spring to mind.