Friday, January 27, 2012

Fish for Friday

I just had to share this little bit of 1940's Novelty fabric gold.
Fish with sombreos and banana fruit hats, carrying umbrellas and smoking cigars!!!!
Only a strip of this one. It has pencil lines for hexagons on the back.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year - New Arrivals

Its the time of the year when you start to make 'resolutions' and work out the plan ahead. So it was straight to the boxes to unpack a new lot of beautiful fabrics to kick of 2012 with.
Some of these are available for sale in my new online store and you can purchase as yardage or as Vintage Fat Quarters - 'VFQ'
VFQ - a metric one is 45cm x 50cm. An Imperial one is 45cm x 45cm or quarter of a yard of 36" wide fabric. As these are vintage fabrics the width is approx 35" to 36" or 88 to 90cm. So you are getting a quarter of that. If you order more it will come as one uncut piece - so 2 will be half a mt, 4 will be one mt. Hope that all makes sense. Enjoy.