Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shed Crasher

I love the old place where my studio is. Over the last however many years its been a light industrial area. There are lots of tradies in sheds - this is a real blokes with sheds kinda place.
I feel like i'm a bit of a shed crasher. That I have interrupted some secret mens business. Don't get me wrong, i've been made to feel very welcome, even been given a beer. I have earned my 'shed stripes'.
When I first got my warehouse it was, shall we say 'a tad on the rough side'...the blokes would tell me to 'toughen up' that this was Fyansford and they would have a bit of a laugh. But over time we have turned a rough gem into a bit of a diamond. We could see the potential.

Shed Cleanup and paint of many...

We had to clean it up, from being the original sites boiler room to what it was last as a joinery. There were decades of neglect to sort out. Then fixing windows and all sorts of other things. Keeping in mind this is a heritage listed building and there are somethings you just can't do and some things you have to do a certain way....then install things. You name it we had a TONNE of work to do. And without the help of my friends and my family you wouldn't have what we have today....shall we say a warehouse that transformed into a studio...but I still call it my shed. I have always wanted a kick ass shed.

Shed fixing day with Elfi from Molle Interiors, me and Rach from Textile Treasure, photo from Michaela
Our front doorway today and some landscaping
A huge shout out goes to..
My beloved Paul from The Odyssey Tavern
The amazing Elif and Tim from Molle Interiors
Ben from Preston Street Media and Shane
The awesome Michaela for all her hard work
Fi from FWD design you are truly brilliant
Lena from Ideas by Tuesday - legend
Fiona from The Stitching Project 
My Dad for all his help fixing stuff and my mum for all her thoughts as she recovers from Chemo.
To the 'blokes' on site for their kind words, jokes, beer and help. 

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