Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dear Retailers....

I am quite proud of myself that I didn't spend any money in the Boxing Day sales. This is my ode to retail…and my pledge and New Years resolution all rolled into one.

Dear Retailers….it takes far more than your emails to tempt me….
perhaps they did once
but it now takes more than 25% to make me click 
And bonus offers…do you think i'm a dick?

As we wade through the sea of polyester with no choice
Where is the cotton, the wool and the silk?
Or through Faux and PU which really is EWWW
I will opt  at last resort for rayon or viscose if you will

I ask you where is the quality
Where is the choice
You want me to buy
But there is nothing worth the look

I try to give you money
I walk through your stores
I want something nice
That doesn't constrict my curves

I do not want body con
I do not want Tizz
I do not want Skimpy
or to show off my mid riff

Every week more crap is designed
It piles onto shelves in quantity more than demand
As more and more same same but different is created
we forget which store as its all in a blurr

Your sales are where the polyesters and Faux's go to die
Their grave yard is land fill
Their tomb stone says fast fashion
Were they too young to die?

Give me something more
Give me some choice
Give me some quality
Give me what I want

So you wonder why I shop online
Why I buy from other countries
You whinge an whine that I don't support you
and ask for government subsidies

If you only listened to the consumer
The ones who have the cash
You would find that they do have wants 
But you are too dumb to act

You think I want cheap
You think I want heaps
I just want a nice few things
that don't fall apart in 3 weeks

I will live in my jeans
I will seek out leather shoes
I will buy quality when I find it 
and buy it in droves

So until then I will make it myself
Or support independent local makers
I will buy good tailoring, Country of Origin and natural fibres
I will opt for quality and not quantity
Go for classic not fast
I will invest in good basics that will last

I will make this pledge for 2014
I will make this pledge my principal
I will not consume fast fashion
I will not consume badly made

I will opt for the best I can afford
I will opt for well designed
I will opt for quality over quantity
I will opt to make better choices

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