Friday, April 13, 2012

The New Eye Candy

I have finally gotten around to photographing some of the new finds from my recent trip. (As promised for you PJ) I will be bringing a selection of these items to the markets over the next few weeks. More Kantha quilts are arriving (fingers crossed) by the end of the month.

Below are the most amazing hand stitched scarves, throws and wraps from some truly talented women from Bengal. I only have a handful of these ones left. The stitches are about 1mm in length and they are sewn into hand dyed silks. Thousands of stitches and hundreds of hours go into each and every one of these pieces, they are truly astounding and each one is unique.

 These wonderful scarves are from the Social Enterprise I went to work with. They are all silk and stitched in colourful cottons. They are reversible too and come with or without fringes. Tonnes of colours and styles and more arriving soon.

 Hand stitched quilt blocks from recycled silks.

Vintage Hmong embroidery and hand dyed Indigo resist cottons, purchased directly from the village ladies up in the hills. My suitcase was chock full.

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