Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quilting Fit

Last year I had a car accident…well being taken out on a roundabout by someone who didn’t give way kind of accident.
It was a shock and annoying and my beloved car was banged up pretty bad, but so was I.
Strapped to a hospital bed and not being able to move until I had the all clear I wasn't with a serious neck or spinal injury...sure, it hurt a bit, but I thought I was fine. A neck brace for a while and lots of physio... but at the time, I did all that they told me to do, but I have to say I haven’t really been the same since.

But what it really made me very aware of is how it now affects me when I work, especially when I am cutting and sewing.
It is really important to take lots of breaks, do stretches and keep strong if you want to be able to keep doing what you love long into the future.
I have found yoga to be fantastic for this but I think I need to be doing it 3 times a week with a teacher…I need the teacher, because if things start to get a bit strenuous, I tend to just put it in the too hard basket and lay on my mat for a little rest...the corpse pose (ha hah), but I do take the time out and do lots of simple poses and stretches on my own that make it easier to keep sewing during the day.

Stop for 5 minutes every 20 or so and waggle your wrists, rotate your hands, stretch those shoulders. Maybe do a yoga class. It will all keep you fit, happy and strong so you can keep making all those amazing quilts you love.

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  1. Oh heavens this sounds a little dramatic Jen. Hope you're on the mend!